AboutKrishna Thiruvengadam

I am a shy 26 year old designer and a passionate educator, from India. I love co-creating and tinkering with children. I believe in engaging communities in the entire spectrum of participatory design, and not treat them just as research subjects. My background in Mechanical engineering and product design, together with the love for tinkering gives me the edge to create meaninful products for a better tomorrow. Something that is perennial in me is trying to push my limits further. In leisure, I like street photography and love holding deep conversations with people.


I want to be the designer for the other billion- affordable, accessible technologies for those who need a change the most. To me, design is something that bonds with people, their lives and emotions. Most of my design experience lies in the grassroots and Bottom of the Pyramid sector. Currently, I am designing educational pedagogy for children, as a means to enable better lives for themselves and others, through 21st century skills.


My passion lies in design thinking for children and creating creative learning platforms for them, especially for those in underserved communities. From my experiences from dHive I am convinced that children could bring a paradigm shift in the way participatory design is practiced. I also mentor school and college students in design projects.


Wanting to lead a meaningul life in a non-violent way, I turned vegan when I was 12. Since then, I also have been an active animal rights activist.


I fall in love with shadows and highlights of everyday objects and scenarios. I communicate and bond with people through photography. My interest lies in understanding people and emotions through the lens. Having pursued a certificate course in advanced photography, I was the founder-President of the Photography club of SRM University and it has remained the largest functioning clubs of the college since then. Inspired by Thomas Edison who sold newspapers to fund his work, I started my own startup in photography during my bachelors course specializing in modelling, street, documentary and wedding. I also have been the lead photographer of the Nilaivasal project and Petroglyph documentation(Auroville)


Tinkering and making has always fascinated me. LEGO and KNEX made me the person I am today. For instance, I built my first walking robot at the age of 8 made from KNEX modules. I practice traditional Indian medicine (Siddha and Ayurveda) for my family and friends. I also have great interests in indigenous practices and genealogy.